The HOPE Fund

Need assistance?
Contact Bethany Hadvab, the Sudbury Town Social Worker, at 978-440-5476.

A sudden illness…a job loss… an unexpected home repair.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to send a family spiraling downward.

The HOPE Fund  is available to help, offering short-term financial assistance to Sudbury residents with emergency or unexpected financial need.

Any individual or family who has resided in Sudbury for at least one year may request assistance. Names of individuals who request support are kept confidential.

Funds are available for: Fuel/Utilities, Medical Care/Medicine, Food/Special Dietary Needs, Rent/Mortgage/Insurance, Household Repairs and other needs. Funding decisions are based on individual circumstances, not specific income limits. Distributions are capped at $500 per individual or $1,000 per family.

Close to $500,000 has been distributed through The HOPE Fund since it was established in 2002.

How Do I Request Support?

The HOPE Fund is administered in confidence by the Sudbury Town Social Worker.  To seek assistance, residents should call 978-440-5476 and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. You may download the HOPE Fund Application.

Just a short note to thank you so very much for your generosity in helping us… Financial pressure and health care issues continue and we wish we could see some light at the end of the tunnel. Having folks like you always makes the journey easier. We truly appreciate everything you do.”                                                      A 2010 HOPE Fund recipient

See more notes of appreciation here.


2015 HOPE Fund Index

  • Number of clients served in 2015: 68 (68 in 2014, 56 in 2013, 59 in 2012, 69 in 2011)
  • Amount distributed in 2015: More than $47,000
  • Average gift to a client: $697
  • Percentage of clients who are senior citizens: 27%
  • Percentage of 2015 funds that went to clients with children: 67%
  • Percentage of clients who are single female heads-of-household: 72%
  • Percentage of 2015 clients accessing the Fund for the first time: 44%
  • HOPE Fund usage: Utilities (38%), Rent/Mortgage (47%), Medical (3%) and Automobile (2%), Insurance (3%), Other (7%)

Read about The HOPE Fund in this January 2015 article and this one from March 2015.

Our thanks to Mark Helmen of Heltel Inc. for creating this wonderful PSA for The HOPE Fund. Thanks also to Tangelene Bolton for composing the original music just for HOPEsudbury. 

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